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With thousands of new CNFTs being minted each day it can be difficult to keep up with the many awesome projects. Use the timeline to see everything that's going on, or locate a specific CNFT by its policy ID or asset fingerprint.

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What is Cardano NFT Explorer?

Cardano NFT Explorer is a freely accessible web application featuring NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. Focused on speed, simplicity, and a mobile-friendly UI, it stands unrivaled as the best available venue to browse and/or showcase your own CNFT collection or any verified project.

Key Features

  • Minimize loading time of preview thumbnails
  • Enable filtration, searching, and sorting of CNFT wallets and projects
  • Aid in the discovery of CNFT projects via the timeline
  • Provide an elegant presentation of artwork and asset metadata
  • Determine the rarity of an asset within a collection